I am a certified coach, educator, speaker, and I am dedicated to building a life full of passion and joy for myself and all of those around me. I've lived both sides. I have allowed my career to dominate all of my time at the expense of my personal life, and have found the secret to work/life balance. In short, I took control of my own life and stopped thinking others were controlling my life. I want all educators to realize that they don't have to work nights and weekends to be an amazing and joyful educator.


Burning Out and Feeling Guilty

As a teacher I was going into my classroom most weekends to "just get a few things done to feel ready for Monday and then bringing home projects home during the week. I was also trying to keep up with my three kids and their activities, get chores done at home, and have some kind of time with my husband and friends. There never seemed to be enough time to get it all done. I thought that this was just the way it was if I wanted to be an amazing educator.

I was exhausted and hated myself for not being there for my family.

I learned how to approach things differently and I actually become a more effective and joyful educator AND spent quality time with my family and friends without spending 60+ hours a week working. It's been working for 10 years and even though my positions in education have changed in the last five, my methods are still working to this day.


I dedicate my time to support teachers in finding the time and energy they don't think they have to create the work/life balance they crave. Yes, even though they still have meetings, professional development, and IPs that need attention during their work week. Through my four simple steps, teachers learn how to look at life in a new way and see clearly how they are the ones to decide how their time and energy is spent.

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