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Hi I'm Katie!  I've been an educator for over 20 years, so I know first hand the challenges that educators face.  Come join educators just like you, and learn how to put yourself first and create the work/life integration that you deserve.

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”I received coaching from Katie and I have to say, she’s amazing! By asking me a couple key questions, allowing me to just talk, and then zeroing in on a few of my comments, she helped me sift through my thoughts and recognize patterns I didn’t realize were happening.  That in itself was a real eye opener, but then she gave me tools to address them.  All of this i in a single session…I will be working with Katie again!!” - Jodi

"Hi teacher friends! Last year was honestly the hardest year in teaching I have ever faced.  Katie was a huge help to me.  She helped to look at how I was thinking about work and life.  I find now that I am reconnecting to what I love about teaching without losing my work life balance."- Lisa

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